Control IoT objects with Augmented Reality

ArLive explores a new approach in which users interact with all connected objects through explicit and simple programmable behavior, transforming the multitude of decentralized applications to one unique application.

To give back customization capabilities to the user, we have implemented a visual-based programming feature and Augmented-Reality overlay.

Smart objects and Internet of Things are increasingly prevalent and expand without standard. Connected to the Internet but used as only as input devices, objects don’t take advantage of this network to adapt their functionalities to users environment and digital life but behave in a predefined way, determined by the manufacturer.

ArLive reinforces the link between digital life to physical objects and provides ambient notifications within their environment. This research focuses on the ability of these smart objects to communicate their functionalities in order to operate real-time modifications thanks to an Augmented Reality see-through interface. It also deals with the usage of connected devices and how ArLive helps us living within a connected environment.


ArLive: Unified Approach of Interaction Between Users, Operable Space and Smart Objects Marc Teyssier, Grégoire Cliquet, Simon Richir Virtual Reality International Conference, VRIC, Laval, France; 04/2015; 03/2015 PDF ↵


Design L'Expo - ArLive, Nov 28 2015 - Jan 20 2016

Laval Virtual - ArLive, Apr 2015