HCI researcher and interaction designer, I develop creative hardware and software experiences that bring technology closer to human nature. I am currently finishing my PhD thesis at Télécom ParisTech and La Sorbonne University. Get my Resume.

These days, I question existing devices form factor and explore how affective communication can be mediated through anthropomorphic devices to leverage new human experiences.



MobiLimb is a robotic finger that can be added to mobile devices. What if smartphones could touch us and reach our world? This project explores a future where anthropomorphic devices bring news input and output capabilities to existing devices.

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VersaPen is an adaptable, multimodal and hot-pluggable pen for expanding input capabilities. Users can create their own pens by stacking different input/output modules that define both the look and feel of the customized device.

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Lego bricks stack detection with inexpensive hardware



Portable and foldable Virtual Reality setup



Control IoT objects with Augmented Reality



Mixed-reality game

Latest news

I am now and for the next few working at Bristol Interaction Group (BIG) with Anne Roudaut

I will present the project Mobilimb at UIST 2018 conference.

UIST'18 Website is online, I am this year Web & Design chair of the conference (with Jan Gugenheimer)

Uduino can now be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store

VersaPen is presented at CHI '17

Uduino is released ! This plugin allows you to communicate easily between Unity and Aduino. More details.


Previous works, that regroups projects in Generative Design, Fabrication and miscellaneous Interactive exploration.

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