Creative Technologist, from Interaction Designer to Research. I develop creative hardware and software experiences that bring technology closer to human nature. I lead the Resilient Futures research group at De Vinci Innovation Center, dedicated to create simple sustainable technologies.

Previously postdoctoral researcher at Saarland University and PhD student at Télécom Paris and HCI La Sorbonne. Get my Resume.



What if seeing devices looked like us? Eyecam is a prototype exploring the potential future design of sensing devices. Eyecam is a webcam shaped like a human eye that can see, blink, look around and observe us.

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Skin-On Interfaces


Skin-On Interfaces are devices that augment existing devices with Artificial realistic skin. Human skin is the best interface for interaction. I propose this new paradigm in which interactive devices have their own artificial skin, thus enabling new forms of input gestures for end-users.

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MobiLimb is a robotic finger that can be added to mobile devices. What if smartphones could touch us and reach our world? This project explores a future where anthropomorphic devices bring news input and output capabilities to existing devices.

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Robotic Touch


This project explores how humans perceive emotions from touch movements performed by a robot. Touching the forearm with different speed, velocity, and force can convey different emotions, which can be used in VR for mediated communication.

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Human-like robot skin


We propose a novel approach sensor for compliant Human-like artificial skin sensors for robots, with similar mechanical properties as human skin and capable of precisely detecting touch. This artificial skin sensor is precise, robust, low cost, deformable, familiar and intuitive to use and that can be easily replicated by robotics.

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PolySense is an open-source fabrication process for creating smart textiles. It uses a process called in-situ polymerization to add electrical functionality to everyday materials such as fabrics, or feathers, to transform them as sensors.

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Latest news

I am really happy to announce that I will start my research Group "Resilient Futures" at De Vinci Innovation Center. I'm looking for Ph.D students !

Our paper Human-Like Artificial Skin Sensor for Physical Human-Robot Interaction is accepted at ICRA 2021 conference.

I got a paper accepted at CHI 2021 conference.

My Thesis is now available online! Download the PDF

I successfully defended my Ph.D defense, I'm now postdoctoral researcher at the HCI lab of Saarland University with prof. Jürgen Steimle.


Previous works, that regroups projects in Generative Design, Fabrication and miscellaneous Interactive exploration.

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