Portable and foldable Virtual Reality setup

DiveIn is a mobile application where the user works in virtual reality with remote collaborators.

To create a true on-the-go and mobile virtual reality experience, we used the WearalitySky portable and fold-able virtual reality glasses.

This project was made with Xavi Benavides during my stay at MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group.

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more mainstream. However its use is still personal, might be expensive and useful applications are anecdotal. With DiveIn, we bridge mobile Virtual Reality with collaborative work experience. The portable form factor makes them the ideal tool to be carried on in the pocket. A Leap Motion hand tracker and an additional Myo Armband are used to interact with the virtual environment. By tracking both the arm and the hands, the interaction feels precise and natural.

This application aims to make collaborative virtual reality experience common in our work process. While sharing the same virtual space, a simplified representation of the remote collaborator is present in the scene. The users can interact with the same elements and vocal speech communication foster collaboration.
We expanded this keys idea through several prototypes: On-site geological data analysis, learning of machinery and micro-biology exploration.