Virtual and physical manipulation for interaction

Using hands to control interaction through manipulation of tangible objects or mid-air gestures.


This simple game uses tangible interactions to control the character actions. Wooden tokens over a tabletop are used to control the game.


One token is used to control the character and some others are used as tools and resources. Once on the interactive tabletop, actions will be made in the environment such as collection resources or building props. The player will have to collect and combine resources to explore and build in the environment.

How is it made?

The game was designed with Blender and Unity3D, built from scratch in 3 weeks. I designed the original concept and did all the 3D modeling/texturing and development.
Underneath each toke, a fiducial marker enables to perform computer vision algorithm to detect the presence, orientation, and movement of each wooden token.

Motion Drawing

This experiment explores a new way to interact with a pen and draw on a paper, without direct manipulation of the tool. We used the Microsoft Kinect sensor to track the users' hand movement. With a custom plotter built of LEGO bricks and Arduino, these movements are drawn on a sheet of paper.
Motion Drawing is an interactive installation built during a 3 days workshop. It is made of Lego, Arduino, servo-motors, and Kinect.


Okyp is a web-based 3D modelling tool, using gestural interaction as an input mechanism. The user can experiment a new way of modeling complex shapes in a virtual environment, without any keyboard or mouse, by using his hands and in-air gestures.

The intention was to develop a simple and natural interaction. Okyp is a project made to explore gesture-control devices for interactive web experiment.
Okyp is open-source and can be found on GitHub.