Objects and interface hand-crafted or made with digital fabrication tools

Tangible explorations, static or interactive, these objects are usually made with 3D printed parts and laser-cut wood.

I use digital fabrication tools to build new products and objects. Arduino boards are inside and serve as the control board.


ModPad is a modular drumming pad, made of a 3D printed enclosure and piezoresistive pads. The hits are detected without cross-pad noise and are sent as MIDI to music production software. The modularity allows to plug digital or analogues buttons, also detected as MIDI input devices. An Arduino Leonardo pro mini is used and detected by any computer as HID device.

RGB Lamp

Lamp made of wood and concrete. A RGB LED strip is controlled with an Arduino embedded in the concrete base.


Hand-crafted wooden NFC phone dock, Doki can launch actions on the smartphone. Activating flight mode, launch the screen sharing or even put music only by posing his phone? All this is possible thanks to an integrated NFC chip under the coloured surface of the phone holder.


Meccagone is a shape-changing vehicle that can move around, detects obstacles in the environment and avoids them. This project was in partnership with Meccano during a one week workshop.