The name 'UduinoManager' does not exist in the current context
Don't forget to add the namespace by typing using Uduino;at the top of your script.

I experience the error : The type or namespace name Ports' does not exist in the namespaceSystem.IO'
Be sure to set the API Compatibility level to .NET 2.0 (and not .Net 2.0 Subset). This setting is located under Edit\Project settings\Player.

Nothing is happening, what is wrong ?
Be sure that Uduino custom debug levels is not set set to "NONE". If so, Uduino will hide all the messages in the console, including some important messages ("Arduino found", etc. ).

Should I attach UduinoManager.cs to a game object
It's not mandatory. If the script is not attached to any game object of your scene, the first call of UduinoManager. Instance will create a new game object.

I can't upload a sketch to the arduino board (Message: "avrdude: ser_open(): can't open the device "\.\COM3": Access is denied." )
Verify that the serial port is not used by Unity. Stop the game or click on "Close Port". Do not hesitate to unplug and re-plug your arduino board.

When I hit "Play" or "Discover board" on Unity, I have the message "port busy"
This message happens when the com port is used by another application. Try to unplug the board and verify that you don't have the "Serial Monitor" window open in the Arduino IDE. If the problem persists, try to reboot your computer.

When Unity is not in focus, the commands are not sent.
You have to enable Run in Background parameters, located under Edit/Project Settings/Player.

Everything is slow
Writing messages in the console considerably slow down Unity. If Uduino log level is set to "Info" or lower, the library writes a lot of debug message sun the console. Try with the log level set to "Warning" or higher.

Can I add more than 12 commands ?
There is a setting in Uduino.h (Documents/Arduino/libraries/Uduino) called #define MAX_COMMANDS 16 , that can be increased. Right now it's 16, including the 4 default commands. You can increase this number to add more commands, however it will impact the memory space available. Rather than using 12 commands, I recommend you to use parameters (see this Tutorial ).

Uduino is always pausing/disconnecting the game
In the setting, you can disable "auto reconnect " boolean, which might help solve this issue. It should be fixed in the most recent version of Uduino.

Something else is wrong
You can explain your problem on the issue tracker. Or contact me!.