For some projects, you'll need to perform action at the exact same time. It might happen, for example, when you want to toggle several LEDs.

To send a command packed in a bundle, just add a string with the name of your bundle at the end of Write or Read command digitalWrite(1, State.HIGH,"BundleName");. After you packed several messages in the bundle, you can send it with the command SendBundle("BundleName").

In this example, the program set the state of all digital pins.

for (int ledNum = 0; ledNum< 13;ledNum++)
   UduinoManager.Instance.digitalWrite(ledNum, State.HIGH,"SetLed"); // Set the value of the LED and store it in the bundle named "SetLed"
// ... more code

To optimize your Arduino code, we advise you to look at the advanced examples and create a custom Arduino function.

Tip: Bundles are created automatically when Limit Send Rate is toggled in the panel.

MessageBundle.cs, full example class

Example: Uduino\Examples\Advanced\Bundle and Uduino\Examples\Basic\AnalogRead